EllieGrid Smart Pill Box

01 Overview

Organize all your pills in seconds.

02 Details

Simply pour your pills in directly from the bottle. When it is time, lights will tell you which pills to take and how many. The ellie Smart Pill Box organizes pills by type instead of time. As a result, you can refill EllieGrid in seconds by simply pouring your pills straight from the bottle into one of the seven appropriate compartments. Using the EllieGrid Smart Pill Box is a great way to keep track of your pills or those of a loved one!

When it's time to take your pills, an alarm on the device will ring and a light will start flashing. Whenever you open the device, specific lights will turn on indicating which pills you should take and how many.

If a loved one does not open EllieGrid when it is time to take their pills, a caregiver can be notified.


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