personal health technology Scottsdale

More and more Arizona residents are looking into the benefits of personal health technology in Scottsdale- now HealthE.Tech brings consumers products that make it easier to monitor their health at home without having to schedule an inconvenient or expensive visit to their doctor. We are proud to be one of the first companies offering personal medical technology equipment that is affordable and reliable.

Physician-Owned Medical Equipment Store

We know which home monitoring products give our customers a better quality of life, and we have committed to making them available to consumers throughout the Scottsdale area and beyond. Feel free to speak with one of our product specialists for a recommendation or assistance in selecting the right type of equipment for home use. We offer the following health monitoring products:

  • Kardia Mobile, the newest mobile electrocardiogram heart rhythm monitor on the market. The Kardia Mobile can detect atrial fibrillation and alert you in seconds of your need to seek medical attention.
  • Omron 10 Series Plus Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, the #1 recommended brand by doctors across the country.
  • Innovo CPE Wrist Pulse Oximeter and Snugfit probe provide measured SpO2 and pulse rate easy-to-read OLED screen, one of the best pulse rate products available today.
  • Wing Smart Sensor, new to personal health technology in Scottsdale, is quickly becoming the product of choice for patients who require home lung function monitoring. The Wing Smart Sensor is very easy to use and offers accurate readings.
  • iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System, just as easy to use as older systems with a digital upgrade. All logbook eliminates the need to take notes or keep readings.
  • Mio Slice, the tool of preference for home heart rate monitoring. Mio Slice 100 PAI is convenient to wear and simple to use.
  • QuadioBase Wireless Smart Scale- your bathroom scale can’t tell you whether you’re burning fat, gaining muscle, losing weight or just water- QuadioBase Smart Scale can.

Stay Connected With Your Healthcare Provider

Our personal health technology in Scottsdale keeps patients more closely connected with their doctor for better health monitoring. If you worry about your health in-between visits to the doctor, you’re not alone. Rapidly advancing personal health technology makes it possible to stay informed about your health in a way that is not accessible through clinic visits alone.

Try Before You Buy

If you live in or around the Scottsdale area, you’re invited to stop by HealthE. Tech to try out our personal health technology in Scottsdale. We can offer professional advice and recommendations on the type of equipment that will most benefit you, and show you how to use the device you purchase. Reach out to us by phone with your questions or use our website’s contact form. We remain committed to lowering the cost and improving the quality of your medical care- it starts with choosing the right home health products for accurate monitoring of heart rate, pulse, lung function, weight loss, glucose levels, and blood pressure.

personal health technology Scottsdale