Welcome to the heathE.tech website. It features medical equipment that enable people to monitor their health at home and communicate with their physician.



healthE.tech is a medical equipment retail store that is owned and operated by a physician.

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healthE.tech services include: 1. recommending appropriate equipment based on a customer's medical needs, 2. setting up the equipment for customers, 3. instructing customers in the use of the equipment, and 4. establishing connections to a customer's physicians.

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Our products include equipment that enable people to monitor their health at home and communicate data to their physician. For example, these devices can assess heart rhythm, blood oxygen, lung function, blood pressure, blood glucose, body composition, and body temperature.

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healthE.tech is physician owned and operated and thus can provide expert advice regarding personal medical equipment.


InnovoINV-FR201 non-contact digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

The Innovo INV-FR201 non-contact digital infrared forehead thermometer has been specifically designed to measure body temperature from the forehead. It can also be use to provide an estimation of r...

Quadio Wireless Smart Scale

Want to know if you’re burning fat and gaining muscle? Or whether you’re actually losing weight not just water? QardioBase smart scale makes it possible.

Mio Slice

Your heart rate is the single-most accurate reflection of your body's response to physical activity, which is directly linked to your health. PAI is a revolutionary new metric that gives you action...

iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System

iHealth Smart takes readings like you’re used to with an old glucometer, but adds a digital twist. Its app becomes your digital logbook that presents your data in simple and easy to understand ways...

Wing Smart Sensor

Wing is a smart FEV1 and Peak Flow meter that consists of a sensor and app that you can use to measure your lung function. Medical studies have shown that regularly reviewing accurate lung function...

Innovo CPE Pulse Oximeter

The Innovo Premium CPE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter shows your measured SpO2 and Pulse Rate on a high quality OLED screen (with six multi-directional display choices) and comes with two critically accl...

Innovo 50F Snugfit Probe

The newly upgraded Innovo® 50F PLUS Wrist Pulse Oximeter comes with a dramatically improved Innovo® SnugFit probe that will greatly enhance your experience with the device. The probe contains nex...

Omron 10 series plus bluetooth smart blood pressure monitor

Omron is the most recommended brand by doctors and pharmacists.



Our physician Jordan Sennett, M.D, will be happy to consult with you regarding appropriate medical equipment.

Healthy Life

We believe that health should be monitored continually at home and not just during infrequent physician visits.

Professional Team

Dr. Jordan Sennett is a physician with many years experience caring for patients, and who will be happy to assist you.